18th &19th May 2011

I ring after lunch – answer phone again (is this woman ever at her desk?)

I ring again a few hours later; answer phone. So I go out. My mobile rings. ” Hello this is Mr Uhiara’s secretary. (who?) he’d like to meet with you tomorrow at 2.15″

Oh boy this is moving too quickly. I am being picked up to drive to Gatwick at 5pm and I will be just back from an appointment which I have no idea of the outcome. I haven’t even told the girls I am going with that there is anything wrong with me.

I spend some time on the phone with our medical insurance company. ( I had forgotten we even had private cover but they have been so helpful so far – suggesting I stay with the NHS until we know better what we are dealing with). Mr Uhiara is on their list of approved surgeons, operating out of one of their approved hospitals. I could just transfer with him -it will make everything a little easier.

Clare is drafted in to accompany me again. Mr Uhiara is lovely.(Such lovely smooth hands too) He has suggested that I have total abdominal hysterectomy ( with vertical incision) , removing both of my ovaries, uterus and cervix. They will take the cyst and perform a biopsy on it, take a sample from a pad of stomach fat ( I wanted him to take ALL my stomach fat but he declined) and perform washings of the cavity and get them tested to see if there is a malignancy and/or any cancerous cells remaining. He said the likelihood of cancer wasn’t high but he would perform all of these tasks to ensure that all eventualities were covered. I would know two weeks after the operation if cancer was present but would wait until I was fully recovered if I had to have chemotherapy.

To be honest I can’t really remember what he said about the onset of menopause – something I will have to ask him about later. I expect that the list of questions I generate between then and my op date will be as long as my arm.

I know I will be in safe hands and I know I will have a tough time ahead – regardless of the outcome. I come out feeling strangely relieved and calm. Clare has been fantastic asking questions I hadn’t thought of, listening in the background, being my rock. But there is no substitute for the hug from Jon that I am so desperate for.

My op date is set for 7th June 2011 – so back to the waiting but first I have a trip to Marrakesh to enjoy!


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