How I got to this point

It is strange to think that a few weeks ago I had no idea what was in store for me – I still haven’t manages to get my head around it all to be truthful. In one way everything has happened so fast yet in another time is dragging it’s feet.

I am a regular blood donor, doing my bit by giving a few pints of freshly squeezed BRhesus Negative to the NHS for the last two decades or so. On the last few visits to give blood I was turned away due to a low haemaglobin count. They weren’t going to take from me what I needed myself. I made excuses saying that I had just had a heavy period and went on my way. After three aborted attempts to donate over the period of a year I spoke to one of the professionals there who suggested I went to my GP to discuss heavy periods and perhaps the onset of the menopause. This had been suggested before by a nurse gently laying her hand on my fore arm and adopting a look of sympathy and asking “How old are you love? Do you think it could be the start of the Change?” I said I thought not – I just have heavy periods and I get on with it – end of story.

This time the blood doning service meant business and a couple of days later I received a letter from them to pass to my GP.

I made the appoinment . The lovely lady doctor suggested that I might have fibroids that could be causing the heavy bleeding. Why had i not been to see her before?, no one should have to put up with that every month she said.  She arranged an appoinment for me to have an ultrasound scan.

My scan date was 19th April 2011.

I was pretty relaxed about having the scan – more bothered about the fact that I had drunk 2 bottles of water to fascilitate a full bladder for the scan and i needed to have a wee…badly. I also had a cough. At may age (46) and after having 2 children (all be it by C section) a over full bladder and a cough are not a great combination!

A “trainee” radiographer began my external scan and was then joined by her more experienced colleague. I was trying to work out what they were talking about and it gradually dawned on me that perhaps it might not be as straight forward as I had imagined. I was allowed to relieve myself and then returned for an internal scan. The radiographer told me that i did not have fibroids but they had found a large ovarian cyst – which would explain all the pain I had been having. Except that I hadn’t had any pain! Ok,I thought,  I have had a cyst before (when I was pregnant with my second son in 2005) and I didn’t think much of it to be honest. It wasn’t til I was getting dressed and the radiographer said that she would fax over the results that afternoon and I was to go and see my GP tomorrow that I started to panic. Something was beginning to take root in my mind and it wasn’t sitting comfortably. Why the rush? Surely the wheels of the NHS don’t turn that quickly…. unless there was something really wrong.


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