Pre-Op appoinment day

It’s 9am and my appointment is at 1.30 and the butterflies are just stirring low in my belly. I have got a list of questions ready, I have organised childcare for my two boys, Clare is coming with me again and all I have to do now is wait.

I have almost finished reading 101 Handy Hints For a Happy Hysterectomy, it calms me down and shakes me up in equal measures but it is so full of useful ideas that I keep dipping in to it, jotting things down on my shopping list and list of questions for the surgeon.

I am finding that more and more of my brain space is being taken up by thoughts of the operation and recovery. I spent the other evening online reading all the web pages and facebook pages I mentioned before and then of course I went to bed and couldn’t sleep with everything flittering about inside my head. I ended up getting up and watching 90 minutes of Britain’s Got Talent. Apart from clearing my head it made me feel quite normal!

The postman has just been and I have had a letter inviting me for a routine cervical smear test. Have just had a good giggle at that because it is most likely that a week from now I wont have a cervix! I have never been that worried about having smear tests, they are a necessary evil and to be honest after having 2 children you aren’t that freaked out about people doing things to your “downstairs areas”!


My Facebook status should read “Louise is wondering why she was so worked up about her pre op appointment”

What thoroughly nice people I met today, helpful, polite and above all reassuring. I didn’t know what to expect but it was just weight, height, urine, blood pressure, pulse, blood samples, medical history , paperwork and  ECG (but the machine wouldn’t work so I lay there with my left boob exposed whilst she fiddled around with the machine for 10 mins before giving up – much to Clare’s amusement!).

The admissions nurse reiterate that I was to do NOTHING for 2 weeks, then only very light tasks. No housework! ( I told Clare to tell Jon that she said no house work for 12 months!) Luckily I have my Mum coming to stay for a few days after my discharge from hospital and she won’t let me lift a finger. My children on the other hand are going to get a bit of a shock when they realise that they are going to have to do things for themselves! I often joke that my youngest would have me breathe for him if he could get away with it! I have been trying to prepare them and make them a little more independent – we will see how successful I have been.


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