3 days to H day

I am actually writing this on 2 days to H day as yesterday was so busy I didn’t have time to take a breath let alone sit here at the computer being a literary genius (not).

It was Carolyn’s 40th celebration party.  She had an amazing party in her garden and I was drafted in to help with food preparation, balloon hanging and a little bit of  waitressing. She really know how to throw a party – entertainment for the children was a visit from “Animal Antics” who bought a hedgehog, a lizard, owl, chinchilla, millipedes and other animals to let the children touch and learn about. She then had a couple who do drumming sessions, adults and children joined in together in a drumming workshop, having loads of fun and making a lot of noise. The kids finally fell into bed at 11.45, exhausted.

It certainly worked as a distraction for me, keeping mind and body occupied instead of wasting precious energy worrying. I keep remembering the pain after my two Caesareans and worrying that it will be a lot worse. At least  I don’t have a new born baby and a 21 month old  to care for this time. My Mum came to stay for almost 5 weeks when both my boys were born -this time round I get 4 days – but ALL help is appreciated.

I was telling one of my friends at the party about my op and the events leading up to it and it is amazing how words like cancer and biopsy and chemotherapy trip off the tongue now. (making the listener ever so slightly uncomfortable I think!) Of course I don’t know if it will come to that but I would rather be up front about things than cover it all up. I am one of those people who tell everybody, everything. One of my friends who definitely is NOT one of those people wishes that she were and hates the way she stores all her anxieties up inside, letting them eat away at her. She says it is much more healthy to talk about things. Hence the blog!


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