1 day to H day

I took the boys to school this morning and some of my friends came over and wished me well, lots of hugs and I found it very difficult, don’t think I want sympathy , it makes me cry. I am dreading tomorrow, watching my boys walk down the path into school and having to walk away.Note to self.. take tissues!

The boys and I talked about me going into hospital over breakfast this morning and my youngest had tears in his eyes the whole time but he tried so hard to be brave. It broke my heart.

Some fantastic news though -Jon has manage to wangle it so that he can work from home tomorrow and not go to London, HURRAH! He will have to work all day so Clare will still take me to hospital but at least I will be able to spend the morning with him, pottering about and the hugs will be close at hand.

Today has been a practical day, cleaning the fridge and the dishwasher (cos my mother is coming!!), shopping at Sainsbury’s (not forgetting to buy magazines and painkillers) finishing off all the washing and ironing and trying to leave the house in some kind of order but trying not to arrive on the steps of the hospital in a state of exhaustion!

Do have to admit that it was a great feeling to finish all the ironing, put the board away and think that I won’t have to do that again for a few weeks – I hate ironing! Also immensely thankful not to have to put the bins out, clean windows, or hoover for a while. Mmmm… think I might enjoy this recovery time!

I am very lucky that I have a husband who can and will  do most things round the house but I will be on hand to “advise” on washing loads and machine setting etc. Poor bloke will feel nagged to death and be desperate for me to get back normal.

I have a stack of books I want to read, films to watch and friends queuing up to come and have a cuppa and a natter so hopefully time will pass quickly and as long as I can keep the pain at bay I am sure I will be just fine.

That was the positive voice speaking , the negative voice is lurking in the background ready to leap out as soon as my head hits the pillow tonight.


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