H day

I didn’t think I would sleep at all last night but I i did get some -not sure of the quality though. I think I was scared to go to bed because of my brain doing overtime and because I didn’t want nightmares about leaving the boys again. I stayed up til midnight (late for me) and still lay awake for an hour, my mind was whirring but I don’t think I dwelt too much on the operation. I woke at 4 and was awake for a bit but then must have fallen asleep again because then it was 6.40 and I dozed til the alarm went off at 7.10.

The school run was  a bit emotional, big hugs and kisses for the boys (even though it is dead uncool for your mother to hug the living daylights out of you and then start crying in front of your mates…sorry xx). Then more hugs from friends and even 2 offers to do my ironing for me (why did they never offer before!!?).

Not long now til Clare picks me up to take me to the hospital. The butterflies are building. I have had a lazy morning, a lovely bath and a bit of a pamper – cut my toe nails – don’t know when the next time I will be able to reach them!

Will post when i can as I am not taking my lap top with me – may experience withdrawal symptoms and be begging Jon to bring it with him when he comes to visit.


One response to “H day

  1. hey Honey have been thinking of you this week , am hoping that you are doing okay xx

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