8th June ( H day +1)

A very sleepy day, can’t concentrate, in fact can hardly keep my eyes open. I am attached to so many different things I can hardly move;-

1. Oxygen mask – which gets changed to nasal tubes as my mouth is so dry I can hardly speak

2. Catheter – nice not to have to worry about my bladder

3. Wound drainage bag – currently full of gunk – yeuch

4. Epidural drip into spine, via various tubes taped to my back

5. Saline drip  to rehydrate me, I think, going into one of two Venflon cannulas in my left wrist.

6. Moon Boots! – these are huge padded and gel filled boots to protect my heels from pressure sores

7. Leg massager things – have no idea what they are called but they are like blankets wrapped round my calves and plugged into cables. Every few seconds my calves are squeezed to keep the circulation going.

This hospital seems to be taking huge measures to protect against thrombosis. I will have anti coagulants injected into my leg muscles each day for 5 days and keep the boots and leg wraps on for 3 days- not forgetting the trusty compressions stocking of course  and exercises given to me by the physio.

I think of the ladies who I chat with on Hysterectomy forums who say they were “released” after 2 days and I wonder if it is just this hospital, or maybe only my consultant who insists on all these precautions.

Half way through the morning I am visited by Tina and Natalie who are Healthcare assistants. They crash into the room in full gossip mode.

“She’s only gone and booked herself on the same flight as us!” Tina squawks.

“NO way” replies Natalie.

Tina turns to me – “Feel free to join in this conversation – but my husband’s ex wife has decided to reschedule her holiday and has booked herself on to the same flight as ours. I’ll probably end up killing her mid-flight”

There then followed the most hysterically entertaining bed bath of my life. The pair of them cackled and flapped throughout the whole procedure . Thank goodness I couldn’t feel any pain or I think the  ensuing laughter would have felt like I was having my stitches  ripped out.

” They don’t put us together very often,cos we are always like this. Sorry if it was a bit mad” They apologised

“Don’t worry, I like mad – it makes me feel at home”.

The rest of the day passed with visits from the physiotherapist, the phlebotamist, numerous nurses, assistants, cleaners, refreshment deliverers, meals and finally my lovely husband. What  busy day – I was exhausted. I also have a very numb bum, caused by just lying in one position, with all my weight on the base of my spine. Keep trying to wriggle round but it ain’t helping.

The worst pain is trapped wind. I tried peppermint tea and peppermint cordial but I hate both and I am not sure how effective it is. I was in agony in the night. Unfortunately I had a quite ferocious nurse on duty tonight and she wasnt very sympathetic or forthcoming with pain relief – a very uncomfortable night indeed.


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