H day continued

Arrived at BMI Droitwich Spa hospital bang on  time ( 3pm).  I am so lucky to be going private (thanks to Jon’s work related policy) and am really impressed by the place. I was shown to room 16 and quickly made myself at home, unpacking  my bag and making it like home (i.e slightly messy). Clare kept me calm and we had a gossip and a giggle.Was feeling very thirsty and feeling a bit peckish as I hadn’t eaten since before 11pm

Over the next 2 hours I met my anaesthetist, my nurses, had by blood pressure checked etc,was squeezed in some hideous compressions stockings ( which I am told will be my constant companion for the next 6 weeks), met my consultant again and moved rooms! They wanted me nearer the nurses station as I would be requiring more care than most of the other patients on that corridor that night. Clare repacked all my stuff, moved it and unpacked it again in room 20 whilst I walked ( looking hugely attractive in my hospital gown, aqua dressing gown and teal coloured support stockings) to the theatre. I was to have an epidural which I was ok about as I had had one for the birth of both my boys and wasn’t really fazed by it – until it actually came to having it.

I was very scared, very tense and shaking like a leaf. It took a few attempts to get the amount of local anesthetic right before inserting the epidural and I think they had about 3 goes at it – by which time I was completely panic-stricken. My hands were clasped together so tightly and I was so tense that the nurse had to unclench them for me. She informed me I had gone a funny colour. I felt sick but she calmed me down quickly. I noticed the clock on the wall above me 5.55pm and that’s the last I remember.

Coming round is a horrible feeling and I was intensely aware of the hustle and bustle around me and had an overwhelming desire to go to the loo. And in true, just -coming-out-of-anaesthetic style I was apparently saying “I need a poo” over and over. I remember seeing Jon’s face came into focus a few times but I certainly wasn’t rational or really awake and slipped in   of sleep all night.


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