11th June (Hday +4)

The sun hits my room in the early morning and streams in on me eating breakfast but I am quite happy to be inside. This room has become a bit of a cocoon and I have to admit that I am a little afraid of leaving it.

I have always been very content in my own company – in fact I love to be alone, but I also love it that I have amazing family and friends to spend time with when I come out of my solitary moods. I am a little concerned that between Mum, my husband, my kids and my friends it may be some time before I am truly alone in my own home. Don’t get me wrong I am excited to be going home, to sleep in my own bed at night with Jon beside me and my kids close by but I still need a little me time. I am looking forward to early afternoons when I will treat myself to an afternoon nap after my hectic morning sitting doing nothing!

After breakfast comes daytime TV. Groan

I am turning into my Dad(who is 83 next month!)- taking the TV guide and circling in pen the programmes I want to watch, out of an abysmal choice I ring Bargain Hunt, Escape to the country, EggHeads. Aggh what has happened to me have I had a taste-ectomy too!

Funny thing happened this morning – was fast asleep when “The Growler” touched me on the arm and softly called my name. I woke with a start and removed my ear plugs. She immediately turned to the refreshment lady standing behind her and said “It’s ok , she has ear plugs in”

The poor woman had thought I couldn’t wake up when I didn’t respond to her asking me if I wanted tea and she ran off to get a nurse. ha ha.

The consultant has been to see me and says I can go home today. He declared my wound good to go  and so  I am off.

The journey home is a little difficult, I had a cushion over my wound so that the seatbelt didn’t dig into me but it was the trying to hold myself in the seat going round corners and roundabouts that hurt.  Still the journey only took about half an hour.

Back to a lovely clean house – what a  fab husband I have 🙂


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