Fri 17th June (Hday +10)

The wound is no better so I ring the doctor’s surgery to get an appointment with the practice nurse. The receptionist spoke to her and then  told me I needed to see a doctor  – I presume that he can prescribe antibiotics if I need them.

No shooting backwards on the examination table today – and also nothing to worry about with my wound. It is still gaping a bit but apparently as long as it isn’t oozing foul smelling green or brown gunge then I am alright. Got some more dressings so I can change them regularly but over all the doctor seemed impressed with the speed of my recovery.

Another walk up to the shop upon my return, perhaps I should have extended the walk but my heart wasn’t in it. My mood had dipped a bit this morning but the doctor told me it wasn’t unusual to feel down a few days after surgery. No visitors to distract me today and Jon is working very hard and I don’t like to interrupt him, so quite a solitary day.

Jon nipped to Subway and treated us to enormous sandwiches for lunch – is so good to me but what about my healthy eating AGAIN!

Had a lovely long sleep after lunch with some very strange and it has to be said erotic dreams! Been much more tired today even though I have done no more than sit in front of this lap top all day.


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