Mon 13th June (H day + 6)

Slept a little better last night but was still wide awake when the alarm went off at 7.15. I lay in bed but couldn’t hear any sounds – Mum had said she would wake the boys at 7.25 but …nothing. So I had to get up and wake everyone up – getting out of bed is getting easier every time.

It is so easy to do more than you think you are doing, pottering around finding lost items of clothing, filling up school bags, getting breakfast and refereeing arguments. Mum did the lunchboxes, cleaned the shoes, cleared up the breakfast and walked the kids to school so she did the hard work but I was knackered and took to the sofa with painkillers and a cup of tea.

Did absolutely nothing this morning and then retired to bed for a rest after lunch. I managed to sleep on my side a little last night but sleep did not come to me after lunch and I watched some mindless rubbish on tv for a while in stead. I came down stairs to find that it was Mum who had fallen asleep for an hour!

We took the dressing off my wound today. I was surprised to see a clear plastic bead held in place by a piece of crimped metal at the top of my wound and Mum says I have one at the bottom too. This must be the one continuous stitch that the consultant told me about and I understand the nurse will just cut off the beads and pull the stitch out – yeuch.

I am amazed at how quickly it is healing. It is starting to itch a lot too and I am trying to moisturise as close to the scar as I can bear. I thinking of  getting some Bio Oil to try to reduce the scarring – but it is expensive and it’s not as if I will ever be wearing a bikini!So the jury is out on that one.

Problem with these days of doing nothing is that there is nothing to write about. The pain is being controlled well by Ibrufen and paracetamol, I am eating and sleeping well and my mood is good… nothing bad to report.


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