Thurs 16th June (H day + 9)

More visitors today but first a walk to the shop at the top of the road – just a 2 minute walk each way.  It’s a slight incline on the way there and I was a little out of breath but my tummy didn’t pull and I felt fine – apart from the bit where I had to walk past a load of builders where they are building a new house and I was acutely aware of my delicious looking support stockings….don’t expect they noticed though.

True to form Kathy arrived with carrot cake and jammy shortbread – my will power appears to have been removed at the same time as my ovaries and we devour the carrot cake in seconds.

It is so nice to be distracted from the subject of my surgery and the impending results of the biopsies and we chat about our kids (7 of them between us) and school and family and friends. A lovely girlie gossipy morning.

Mum went home this morning  and Jon had been working from home. It’s nice having some time for just us two – but he spends most of his time working on the computer.

The phone rang in the afternoon – my consultant.

WONDERFUL NEWS!The biopsies all came back clear  nothing to worry about he said…just get on with recovering from your surgery and he will see me 6 weeks post op. How I wish I could run round the room whooping and jumping – but instead I settle for a contented sigh, a muted “Yahoo”. and a huge, squeezy hug from Jon.

I start texting my friends and ring Mum and Dad to give them the good news. Nothing can hold me back.

Jon went our this evening to see Peter Kay. I am bummed – I bought the tickets for him for Christmas and I have been eagerly waiting to go for  months – now he is taking someone else 😦

The bottom of my wound has been painful tonight and upon investigation it looks a bit weepy. Will see how it looks in the morning and perhaps go to see the doctor or nurse if it is no better.


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