Tues 14th June (H day +7)

One week gone already and I feel great. I haven’t experienced the amount of pain or exhaustion I was expecting and I am beginning to suspect I am getting an easy ride here.

I had at least expected to have experienced some of the signs of menopause but so far nothing. I checked on the Hysterectomy association facebook group of girls who have June operations and it seems I am not alone. My body temperature does fluctuate quite a bit but I certainly couldn’t describe it as having hot flushes, my mood is good, infact feel super happy most of the time am I am no more emotional than usual ( I have always cried at soppy stuff on the TV!). Let’s hope this continues.

I can not stress enough how helpful I have found the “June Jamborees”  facebook group. We discuss anything and everything and it is a tremendous source of information and support.

Had a new and not pleasant experience today- sneezing! I didn’t get enough warning to grab my soft pillow to hold against me and boy did it hurt. Coughing is still very uncomfortable too.

Managed a sleep after lunch and when I woke I thought Mum had gone to pick the kids up from school but I found her sitting on the sofa reading. ” Erm , Mum, you should have left for school by now!” Major panic as she raced out of the door – who is supposed to be helping who here?


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