Weds 15th June (H day +8)

Stitch removal day – and I  started to get worried the moment I woke up. It’s that fear of pain again.

Two friends came to visit this morning, Michaella bought a dozen homemade cupcakes …uh oh – bang goes the healthy eating again. Jeanette came laden with flowers and chocolates – the result of  a collection from the Year Two Mums in the school playground. The house is looking like a florists shop – and smells wonderful. I had to shoo 2 bees out of the house today – obviously attracted to all the pollen in this place!

My friend Nicky recommended that I took as much pain relief as I could an hour before my appointment and that would help. So I drugged myself up and Mum took me to the doctor’s surgery in the car. She very helpfully told the nurse that if I was a big girl and I didn’t cry she would buy me sweeties! For goodness sake I am 46!

I clambered as elegantly as I could onto the couch and lay back – and shot backwards at a 100 miles an hour as the head rest bit wasn’t securely in place so I ended up completely flat and with more pain from the unexpected backwards catapult effect!

It hurt when she clipped the bead bit off at the top and bottom and then I started deep breathing in preparation for huge pain when she started tugging at the string/cord/cotton ( don’t know what it is). I never felt a thing!

The nurse had to put me a couple of steristrips  over the bottom of the wound as she said it was gaping a bit. If it oozes or becomes painful I am to return to the surgery, possibly for antibiotics.

The scar is a little flatter, less puckered now the stitch is out. I seem to be healing very well.


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