18th &19th June

Today I have been thinking about people who go through surgery for vanity reasons. I am struggling to comprehend why someone would actually chose to go through abdominal surgery, or indeed any other kind of surgery. Why would anyone wish to endure the effects of general anesthetic, why would someone chose pain when they could avoid it? I think of all these vain teenage girls who think that with bigger boobs and a tummy tuck they are gaining a better quality of life.

My two Caesarians and one hysterectomy have been the most amount of pain I have ever suffered, the most incapacitated , the most exhausted I have ever been. It’s the  scariest things I have ever been through. I had no option to undergo these procedures and although I may have joked about a tummy tuck or a boob reduction I would never put myself through the experience again.

How can some one get addicted to surgery, a nip and a tuck, a face lift, a couple more inches on the bust? Their choice, certainly not mine.


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