20th June

What a tiring day today has been. I was awake at 5.30 and couldn’t get back to sleep again.  My Hubby got up for work at 6.15 and my youngest joined me in bed at 6.45. We all got up at 7.15 and I dragged myself round the house sorting breakfast and lunch boxes and all the usual pre school organisation. Mum helped but as soon as she had gone to take the boys to school I was ready for bed again. I slept from 8.45 until 11.15. showered, washed my hair, SHAVED MY LEGS (!!hurrah), dried my hair and was ready for bed again. After lunch we went to the school to watch the boys in their sports day. My friend Kathy had bought some deck chairs and left them for us to collect and we spent the whole afternoon on our backsides watching the action whilst everyone else stood up.

I felt like a celebrity with everyone coming over to see how I was, telling me I looked really well, showering me with  hugs and kisses , such a lovely response.  I really didn’t think that people would be so concerned. I have been over whelmed with the reactions from friends and acquaintances, the sheer number of tests and facebook messages has really surprised me. It had made me realise what wonderful friends I have and I am very thankful for their friendship.

This evening I have been very tired but don’t really want to go to bed early in case I wake at ridiculous O’Clock again.

Tonight I learned that Malteesers taste very nice but they do not give you energy!


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