12th May 2011

I started ring the consultant’s secretary at lunchtime – an answer phone. I rang three times and left two messages. finally I gave up waiting and slipped into a hot bath – the phone promptly rang! “Hello It’s Mrs Ghosht’s secretary here. I have just been with her and she has asked me to ring you as the results are back and it appears your  levels are slightly above the norm. She has referred you to the MDT, they met on Mondays. If you ring on Wednesday or Thursday you will be able to find out what happens next. Bye”


Slightly raised levels of what?

What was the MDT again?

“Wait until next Wednesday or Thursday?

“Where was Clare when I needed her?”

I rang Jon and told him what I could remember and he was so calm. He said he would ring back in a few minutes. He did after he had “googled” blood tests for Ovarian Cancer. He came back with the information that they were looking for the marker CA125. Slightly raised levels could mean ovarian cancer but could also be an indication of pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroids, endometriosis or pregnancy. So not to panic, be calm, act on the information we know to be correct – I have an ovarian cyst ( it is becoming my mantra).

New thoughts spring into my mind. I am supposed to be going on a girlie weekend to Morocco to celebrate my friend’s 40th birthday on Thursday. It’s too late to drop out now. You just have an ovarian cyst, it will be fine, I tell myself til I am sick of listening to it.


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