4 days to H day

It is a beautiful day!  The boys are out in the garden with their new super duper water shooters (but not shooting each other cos they don’t like getting wet!!) and I am supposed to be cooking to fill the freezer full of healthy food but it is roasting today and I don’t feel much like it. Plus there are two enormous baskets of ironing glaring at me – but that is hot work too and I am trying to ignore that aswell.

I have just purchased a couple of things for my recovery that I am hoping will be useful. A very squidgy  pillow filled with tiny beads to hold against my wound when coughing/sneezing/laughing and as protection from seatbelts in the car. Its bright pink with white polka dots – so everyone will see me coming from a mile off. I also bought a mini hand held fan in anticipation of those hot flushes. A friend’s Mum has a great name for them….Tropical Moments! I will definitely use that term when my time comes.

I have also  bought big knickers (no seams down the front.. a great tip from Elizabeth’s blog ) and  peppermint tea, to combat windy conditions.

My friend Kathy is a physio and she has just popped round with a pedometer for me to borrow. She thinks it is a good way to monitor my progress. A few steps more each day building up slowly without over doing it. The nurse at my pre op was saying I must walk everyday to stop blood clots and it would also be good for shifting trapped wind. I will do as I am told!


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